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Waterproof Marble Wallpaper

Waterproof Marble Wallpaper - Sineeko

Waterproof Marble Wallpaper

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Refresh your furniture!

The Waterproof Marble Wallpaper refreshes your furniture with brand new looks. If you feel like your furniture is getting old, these wallpapers will replace them with your preferred marble design in an instant. Perfect for any furniture such as countertop, cabinet, dining table and even wall!


With the self-adhesive function, no glue or any special tool is needed. Simply cut precisely to the right size (using the guidelines on the back), peel the sheet off of the paper backing and stick to any clean flat surface.


  • Ideal to be applied for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, office and simply anywhere you would want!
  • Evenly sticks on flat surfaces without pop-up bubbles or roll up edges
  • It's a 1-time installation but can easily be taken off to be replaced with a new marble style.
  • The Waterproof Marble Wallpaper not only provides a brand new look but also high protection for your furniture
  • The waterproof material protects the furniture from oil, moisture & stain of liquid


- Size: 0.6 x 1 m

- Material: PVC

- Color: Classic Marble, Green Marble, Pink Marble, Yellow Marble, Black Marble, Light Marble

Package includes:

1 x Waterproof Marble Wallpaper (unless you order multiple)

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