Sineeko™ Corrector

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  • 2.0 Generation Intelligent Posture Corrector】 - The combination of tradition and technology, with intelligent chip our innovative corrector has a reminder function. It is more targeted for improving your physical standard spontaneously. The process of correction is not easy, and it needs to be adhered to before it can be effective.
  • Conscious Instead of Forced 】 - With the help of intelligent chip's vibration reminder to make the muscles form a good posture spontaneously. Say goodbye to "cure the symptoms, not the disease" brought by traditional corrector, get well posture behavior by myself.
  • 25 Degree Smart Reminder】 - When your body deviates from the standard posture by 25 degrees, our reminder will remind you to be in a non-standard posture with intermittent vibrations until your body is straight.
  • Ergonomic 8-Character Design 】 - We use the best nylon material, with a width of 3 cm, and use the 8-shaped design. From the material to the design, to enhance the comfort of the wearer. The shoulder strap is good qualitu with high elastic, which makes it comfortable to ware on the sholder.
  • WIDELY USAGES】 - Adjustable straps make our corrector suitable for all ages, all profession. Whether you are writing in class, work in the office, or sit in fornt of your desk, our smart support can gently remind you to maintain a good sitting posture.