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Garden Wall Panels

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Love flowers? Need to add some green nature to your room? Then behold a convenient plant bag that eliminates the fuss of nailing up plant holders or shelves inside your home or office.

🌷 An easy-to-hang vertical planter with multiple pockets. Premium quality, light-weight, space-saving, and ultra-durable for hanging anywhere.

🌷 Perfect for hanging herbs, flowers, succulents, herbs, fruits, or vegetables on your wall. You can match several plants together to cover large wall spaces for ultra versatility.

🌷 This bag design is easy to hang up and fix while remaining solid and durable. Crafted for strong corrosion resistance and maximum breathability, you can water and display plants knowing they can grow in place unrestrained.

🌷 From yards to fences, apartment walls to office balconies, create your little garden or touch of nature anywhere you want. No construction or annoying setup required.

🌷 Water too much? Excess water will automatically drain through the felt material of this bag (so be sure you hang it up somewhere where water can be caught at the bottom).

🌷 Out of plants? Didn’t fill up all the pockets on your bag? Hey, this item does double duty — use any remaining slots as storage for shoes or small accessories.

Product Description:

Material: Non-woven fabric.

We’re committed to providing you home decoration and green thumb-loving convenience at the best price on the net. This is the perfect gift for a new homeowner or interior designer in your life.

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