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Galaxy Lamp

Galaxy Lamp - Sineeko

Galaxy Lamp

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Get ready to experience a space-like atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

The Galaxy Lamp is meticulously crafted using high quality NASA satellite images. Its 3D effect seems like the rugged surface of a star. 

Our incredibly detailed lamp makes for a stunning display piece that is sure to catch eyes & start many conversations.

16 Color Tones in One Lamp

Each Galaxy Lamp can be adjusted to almost any color of your choosing, including a slow, soothing fade from color to color! You can use the remote to adjust brightness & toggle easily through all 16 colors!

4 Different Sizes

The Galaxy Lamp comes in 4 unique sizes making it suitable for any room. 

Long Lasting Battery

The Galaxy Lamp has a rechargeable battery that lasts up too 10 hours.  Fully charge the battery within an hour and take the Galaxy Lamp anywhere or simply use it while plugged in. 


Our Galaxy Lamp makes the perfect gift for both kids & adults alike. Transform your loved one's bedroom into an ambient planetarium with this enchanting & soothing piece of art.

The Galaxy Lamp is kid safe, chemical-free, and pet-friendly.  Designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials, it's the perfect addition to any room.

Buying for young ones? Not a problem!

The LED's that light the lamp are very efficient producing little to no heat meaning that even the smallest and curious kids can enjoy and handle our Galaxy Lamp.

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Recently, there have been multiple websites claiming to offer replicated versions of our Galaxy Lamp. 

These replicated models are produced using extremely lower quality and unauthorized materials known to cause poor performance and immediate technical breakdowns within just hours of use. 

Let us remind you that GalaxyLamps is the official distributor of the Galaxy Lamp and only sources the highest quality materials and hardware directly from authorized manufacturers.

This ensures that customers like you will receive the quality you expect, and the performance you most certainly deserve. 

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