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Induction Cabinet Light

Induction Cabinet Light - Sineeko

Induction Cabinet Light

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1.Usage: Can be used in home, kitchen, office or hotel's cabinet, closet, cupboard or wardrobe which with hinge.

2.Advantage: Intelligent induction, when opening the cabinet, lamp will turns on automatically. When closing the cabinet, the light turns off.

3.Special: When you open your cabinet, the bright white light will light up, you needn't to take a flashlight when find something in cabinet.

4.Humanized: Compact size, lightweight, easy to install and convenient to use. Durable battery, can be used for one year in the normal condition.


Usage:Emergency Power Source:Dry Battery Body Material:ABS Wattage:0-5W Light Source:LED Bulbs Voltage:12V Battery Type:12V 23A Type:Furniture Hinge LED Model:3 LED


Please take out the battery if not using it for a long time and put in a cool and dry place to save. Do not shine directly into your eyes in case of any possible harm result by the intense light. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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Battery AAA or else different type?

Not AAA,is different, set contains battery 23A 12V.

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